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About XO Cyber, A Cyber Security Company in the U.S.A

Cyber-attacks today accompany real-world conflict. On the battlefield, cyber warfare wages on. These technical attacks are just as prevalent as physical strategic attacks.

About XO Cyber Security Company

In 2007, a small group of highly technical and cyber security experts marines with the highest clearance banded together to form XO Cyber.

These Marines were trained on both defensive and offensive cyber tactics for use in specialized warfare.

Back home, when the private sector became the target of criminal organizations, these Marines were ready to answer the call.

XO Cyber was formed to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Much like their original mission to protect the United States and its citizens, these Marines embody the same principles and apply the same logic to cybersecurity.

They have honed their tradecraft and adapted to new technologies all to protect organizations from those who mean to harm.

When bad guys started targeting regular businesses online, these Marines were ready to step in and help. XO Cyber was born to protect the little guys who couldn’t protect themselves. Just like they used to defend the United States, they now apply their skills to keep companies safe from online threats.

XO Cyber is proud to be Veteran Owned and our legacy of service is poured through to our clients today.

Today we stand right where we always have; between you and adversaries. XO Cyber is standing cyberguard between you and the bad guys.

We protect what’s most important to you.

The XO Cyber Advantage

In the service, intelligence can mean the difference between life or death. In the private sector, we treat our mission with the same care and attention to detail. As a business leader, you should be equipped with the confidence of knowing the information you receive is always accurate, and that any decision you make based on security intelligence is sound.

Today, XO Cyber gathers intelligence on every aspect of personal activity using direct database collection. With uninterrupted access to this sensitive information, we’re able to research at the source without the need for third-party involvement. Unlike other security operations, the complete data set is always at our fingertips—allowing us to identify threats, conduct analytics, and project your critical online assets in real time.

Safeguard Your Business from Security Threats

When it comes to cybersecurity, we know you’ve got options. Can you get by employing the bare minimum—or would you rather enjoy the capabilities and peace of mind that come with comprehensive, responsive, industry-leading online asset protection?

No matter what business you’re in, your data, operations, and even your public reputation are constantly at risk. With the experience, expertise, and resources to take on today’s biggest threats, XO Cyber is ready to deliver the advanced solutions you need to keep your business safe and secure.

Security Leaders Count on XO Cyber

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